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Hebei Zhengchuang electronic technology co.ltd is a high enterprise engaged in seismic monitoring and structural safety detection. It integrates R&D, production and sales. It has a strong technical team composed of scientific research experts engaged in seismic detection, structural safety monitoring technology research and system development. It employs many experts from the Institute of Engineering Mechanics of China Seismological Bureau and technical experts engaged in wind power safety monitoring for a long time.

The company is in Beijing Tongzhou Yanjiao high-tech zone. We established a production base in Yanjiao Development Zone across the river from Tongzhou-Hebei Zhenchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and set up branches in Yancheng, of Jiangsu province, Yangjiang of Guangdong province, Chengdu of Sichuan province. The products include dam and slope strong vibration monitoring system, megatquake monitoring system, fan foundation and tower drum safety monitoring system, bridge health monitoring system, blasting vibration safety monitoring system, ancient architecture and building safety monitoring system, machinery and urban track vibration monitoring system, etc. Our products are widely used in the safety monitoring of major projects such as offshore wind farms, onshore wind power generation, bridges, dams, ancient buildings, slopes, machinery, and urban rails.

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