The design technology of 10MW offshore wind turbines was selected into the "Green Technology Promotion Catalog (2020)"

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Recently, in order to implement the relevant requirements of the "Guiding Opinions on Building a Market-Oriented Green Technology Innovation System" (Fagaihuanzi [2019] No. 689) and accelerate the promotion and application of advanced green technologies, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Industry and Information Technology The Ministry of Chemical Industry and the Ministry of Natural Resources organized and compiled the "Green Technology Promotion Catalog (2020)", and two wind power technologies were selected!

1. Structural design, construction and support technology of offshore wind farm booster station

Core technology and technology: adopt integral or modular methods to arrange jackets, single piles, high pile caps, etc. Utilize overall factory construction, overall marine transportation, and offshore installation and construction of marine booster stations. Reliable structure, strong adaptability, less on-site construction work, and environmentally friendly; positive pressure ventilation system with salt spray filter device and accident oil collection device with multiple oil-water separation functions to ensure the durability and safety of the equipment, and achieve sea rising pressure Long-term reliable operation under the marine environment.Main technical parameters: voltage level 110-220kV; installed capacity 100-500MW; water depth 5-40m; offshore distance 10-80km; normal operation time at sea ≥25 years

2. Design technology of 10MW offshore wind turbine Core technology and process: 

The whole machine adopts a new fully enclosed structure, which can solve the problem of adaptability to marine corrosive environments; the electrical system adopts medium voltage double loops, which solves the problem of twisted cables and improves trouble-free operation time, and electrical efficiency increases by 1.5%-3% ; The dual-drive electric pitch technology solves the problem of tooth surface wear and drive synchronization. The generator breaks through the shafting, sealing structure, electromagnetic insulation, ventilation and cooling technology of megawatt offshore wind turbines, and has the advantages of high reliability, high performance, and low maintenance cost. Main technical parameters: rated power 10MW; wind wheel diameter 185m; resistance to strong typhoon 77m/s; unit MTBF exceeds 2000h, and under the condition of an annual average wind speed of 10m/s, the annual equivalent hours reach 4000h.

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