JL-2000 Magnetostrictive static level

1.The priciple of productl-2000 magnetostrictive static level is a new generation of high precision liquid level measurement product developed by using magnetostrictive principle. It is a non-contact

1.The priciple of product

l-2000 magnetostrictive static level is a new generation of high precision liquid level measurement product developed by using magnetostrictive principle. It is a non-contact liquid level measurement sensor. It has the advantages of high resolution, high precision, high stability, high reliability, fast response time and long working life.

2. Product`s technical parameters


Range Ability


Non-linear Error


Repeatability Error




Update Time




Tempeature Coefficient


Working Temperature


3.Product Introduction


    The main components of the device are composed of a measuring rod, an electronic warehouse and a non-contact magnetic floating ball sleeved on the measuring rod. The measuring rod is equipped with magnetostrictive wire (waveguide wire). The measuring rod is made of non-magnetic stainless steel tube, which reliably protects the waveguide wire. During operation, the circuit generates a starting pulse. When the starting pulse is transmitted in the waveguide wire, it generates a rotating magnetic field along the direction of the waveguide wire. When this magnetic field meets the permanent magnetic field in the float, a magnetostrictive effect causes the waveguide wires to twist , and this twist is sensed by the electronic energy-collecting mechanism and converted into a corresponding current pulse. The measuring circuit calculates the time difference between the two pulses to accurately measure the measured liquid level value.

The output of the sensor is a digital interface. Each instrument has a writeable address. All sensors only need to use a 4-core cable to transmit the measured value to the data acquisition device to output or display the reading. Each static leveling system must be set with a reference measuring point. The liquid level of the reservoir at the measuring point changes accordingly when settlement or uplift occurs at the measuring point relative to the reference point. The change in liquid level causes the internal float to change and be changed. The sensing of the internal sensitive devices is finally output through the cable.

The magnetostrictive static leveling system is a precision instrument that measures the relative elevation change between two or more points. It mainly used for monitoring vertical displacement of dams, nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings, mines, landslides, bridges, etc. The static leveling system is generally installed on the measuring pier of the measured object's height or the contour line of the measured object's wall. The supporting data acquisition instrument can realize automatic observation.

  JL-2000 magnetostrictive static level includes magnetic float level sensor, liquid storage tank, installation bracket, etc. The whole system consists of a Φ14mm fluid pipe and a Φ6mm ventilation pipe connecting more than two devices together.The amount of settlement is converted by the float change. The liquid pipe is used to connect the liquid. The function of the gas pipe is to keep the internal air pressure of all the liquid storage tanks in the same system to keep the liquid level consistent.

4.Product presentation