Xinghua Bay Offshore Wind Farm in Fujian province

2020-09-18 14:28:25 15391

1.Project background

The Xinghua Bay offshore wind farm in Fujian Province is located in the southeast side of Jiangyin Peninsula and the west side of Niutouwei in Fuqing City, located in the north of Xinghua Bay. The site involves San Shan Town and Sha Po Town in Fuqing City. The total installed capacity of the wind farm is 300 MW, of which 78.4 MW, of the experimental wind field of the prototype is located in the A area site.  

The A area is located in the sea area between the northwest side of Niutouwei Village in Shapu Town and the southeast side of Qianxue Village in Sanshan Town. It is about 3 km offshore. The prototype project has 14 seats, of which GE 3 MW 6 wind turbines and 2 6.7 wind turbines and 5 wind turbines.


2.Product introduction

Our company is mainly responsible for the real-time monitoring of the wind turbine tower of the project, applying relevant equipment to more accurately monitor the operation of the wind turbine tower, and timely recording the vibration, tilt and dynamic strain of the wind turbine tower and the platform under the action of typhoons and waves. Dynamic response data, and more accurate analysis of the dynamic strain characteristics of the steel pipe pile body and the wind turbine tower transition section. This project mainly uses the G01NET-2B high-precision dynamic data acquisition instrument developed by our company, G01NET-3(D) high-precision dynamic data acquisition instrument, QZ2013 force balance three-component accelerometer, QZ2013 force balance two-component accelerometer, QYG01- Ⅰ Inclinometer, QZDB-A dynamic strain gauge, G01NET data remote receiving and online analysis software (click for more related product information)


3.Product significance

(1)Record the vibration and tilt and dynamic response data of the fan tower and cap under the action of typhoon and wave ;

(2) Analyze the vibration response characteristics of the fan tower and cap ;

(3) Analyze the dynamic strain characteristics of the steel pipe pile body and the transition section of the fan tower ;

(4) Assess whether the existing design indexes of the fan tower and cap meet the actual wind resistance and service life years based on vibration and tilt response characteristics and typhoon and wave monitoring data ;

(5) Provide important basis for improving the design scheme of the fan tower and cap ;

(6) To provide important information for the study of offshore fan tower and cap construction;