Safety monitoring project during transportation and hoisting of Shenzhen Bay China Guangdong Nuclear Power Station

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1.Peoject Background

Shenzhen Bay (also known as Deep Bay outside Mainland China) is a bay between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The precise location lies between the northwestern New Territories of Hong Kong, China and the eastern off sea area of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.East of Shekou. The construction of Shenzhen Bay China Guangdong Nuclear Power Station was completed in Shengli Oil Construction Base, Longkou City, Yantai City, Shandong Province, and then transported to Shenzhen Bay by tugboat. The safety monitoring is divided into three stages: ① Monitoring during booster station taxiing from land to ship; ② Monitoring during booster station transportation from Longkou, Shandong to Shenzhen Bay; ③ Monitoring when the booster station is lifted after being transported to the sea.This project uses multiple data acquisition instruments, vibration accelerometers, inclinometers and other equipment produced by our company.


2.Project introduction

This project uses the G01NET offshore wind farm building dynamic response monitoring system to monitor the vibration characteristics of the sea booster station in real time, monitor the uneven settlement of the booster station and the inclination of the booster station, and analyze the peak vibration of each measuring point of the booster station online The main frequency of vibration and vibration; mainly used the G01NET-3D high-precision dynamic data acquisition instrument developed by our company, QYG01-I inclinometer and QZ2013 force balance acceleration sensor and other related products, (click for more related product introduction). In view of the natural vibration frequency of the monitoring structure, analysis and evaluation of the vibration of key locations can be made to quickly evaluate the damage caused by external environmental factors during transportation or hoisting of the booster station.


On-site installation and commissioning photos

3.Project significance

Our technical staff personally install relevant equipment and instruments on site, and give instructions to relevant personnel on how to use relevant instruments and equipment. Through the analysis of the safety monitoring system, the real-time monitoring of the vibration of the sea ascending pressure station, the assessment of key vibrations, and the quick understanding of during the hoisting period, damage caused by external environmental factors should be avoided to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of staff.