G01NET-2C/D High precision dynamic data acquisition instrument


1.Product Introduction

G01NET-2C/D is a multi-channel synchronous acquisition, real-time upload, high-precision dynamic data acquisition instrument. This acquisition instrument has 24/32 analog input channels with a conversion accuracy of 24 bits; it can transmit data through a network port or an optical fiber port; it is a high-quality instrument designed and developed for the use environment of multiple measurement points.

This instrument supports customers' secondary development. We can open the communication protocol of the collector for free.

The instrument is equipped with special parameter setting software, data acquisition and analysis software. For detailed use of the software, please read the software instruction manual (G01NETCS2019S1 data acquisition instrument parameter setting software instruction manual, G01NETFDC2020S1 wind power tower safety monitoring system instruction manual, DZJC2020S1 project ground vibration and vibration monitoring system instruction manual).

2.The main technical parameter of product

Index name

Technical parameter




Conversion accuracy


Sample rate selectable range

16~600Hz/Channels(All channels are fully synchronized)

Analog input channel


(Default single-ended input, support differential input


(Default single-ended input, support differential input

The input range


Dynamic range


Data transmission

General network cable, fiber optic jumper

The power supply




Power consumption


Work environment

Temperature:-40~80℃;Humidity:less than90%


3.The range of application

Blasting monitoring, dam strong earthquake monitoring, fan tower, bridge and other structural safety monitoring.

4.Product features

High precision, low power consumption, multi-channel optional, integrated Gigabit single-mode photoelectric converter.

5.The introduction of instrument appearance







Indicator 1

When the collector is connected to the computer and the computer IP settings are correct, the collector will flash after power-up

Indicator 2

It will always be on when the collector is powered on

Indicator 3

The collector and the computer will be on when connected with a network cable

Indicator 4

It will flash after the collector is powered on when the collector is not connected to the computer or the computer IP settings are not correct,

Indicator 5

The acquisition instrument will always be on when it is electrified.

Indicator 6

The acquisition device will flash when it is electrified.

Indicator 7

The collector flashes when connected to the computer with a cable

12V output

Mark (+) on the connection terminal, connect the sensor's power cord to supply power to the sensor, multiple sensors can be shared


Mark (-) on the connection terminal, connect the sensor power ground wire, signal ground wire and shielded wire.

Analog signal input terminal block 1

It has 16 signal input channels, and the terminals are marked with 1~16

Analog signal input terminal block 2

There are 16 signal input channels, marked 1~16 on the terminal.

Network port

Universal network port, data transmission interface, connect to switch or server.

Fiber optic jumper interface

Fiber optic jumper connecting SC interface for data transmission

12V power output interface

Power supply for the acquisition instrument, the factory is equipped with a special adapter