Guohua Jiangsu Dongtai Phase 4 300M Offshore Wind Power-Our company is responsible for the installation and commissioning of its wind power monitoring system

2020-09-24 11:27:44 238

1.Project background 

Guohua Jiangsu Dongtai Phase IV (H2) 300MW offshore wind farm project is located in Beitiaozini, Dongsha. The offshore distance is about 42KM. The wind farm water depth (theoretical lowest tide surface) is mostly between 0-15m, and some are above the theoretical lowest tide surface.The shape of the wind farm is trapezoidal, with a length of about 14KM from east to west and a width of about 12KM from north to south. It belongs to the Dongsha sea area.

The wind farm covers an area of 48.1km² with a total installed capacity of 302.4MW. A total of 63 Shanghai Electric 4.0MW and 12 Envision Energy 4.2MW wind turbines are deployed. The onshore centralized control center planning of the project is combined with the booster station in the north area of Dongtai Phase II. There is no centralized control center. The electrical system is an offshore 220KV booster station, which is set in the sea area on the north side of the 24# and 25# wind turbines. , The 220KV cable entry point is selected outside the booster station in the north area of Dongtai Phase II, directly connected to the 220KVGIS of the booster station of the north wind farm, and transferred to the grid system nearby.

2.Project introduction

This project uses more than 50 QZ2013 accelerometers, more than 150 QYG01-1 dynamic inclinometers, 75 G01NET series dynamic data collectors, and a set of G01NET-FDC wind farm developed by our company’s Dr. He Xianlong. Building dynamic response safety software.
The system accurately recorded vibration response events caused by various reasons within three months of trial operation after installation, and provided timely warning notifications through SMS, email, etc., providing strong guarantees for the safe operation of wind turbines . The commissioning of the system was completed on July 5, and the complete automation of the vibration and tilt monitoring system for 75 single piles and sea-lift stations was realized.


3.Project significance

Real-time monitoring of the steel structure characteristics, vibration characteristics, and dynamic tilt of offshore wind turbine towers, online monitoring of the overall dynamic tilt and sloshing displacement of each offshore wind turbine structure, and rapid assessment of the structural damage of the booster station and wind turbine after a typhoon or earthquake .


The construction staff stick to the front line, constantly adjust and optimize the construction plan according to the conditions of the construction site, and use wisdom and sweat to ensure the high-quality completion of the instrument installation and construction.


Some pictures of the on-site installation of the instrument, and the automatic monitoring equipment provides a strong monitoring guarantee for the safe operation of the fan