The fan tower belongs to a high-rise building, and the fan foundation and the tower tube bear the heavy engine room and blades at the top. If the vibration and tilt are too large, it is easy to cause the fan tower to collapse. Fan towers are prone to produce large vibrations under the influence of yaw impact, typhoon, ocean wave and impeller rotation; especially the impeller speed and wave wave frequency are relatively close to the natural frequency of the fan tower, which is prone to resonance trends.

The foundation settlement is easy to cause permanent tilt of the fan tower, which is also one of the important factors that cause the gravity imbalance of the fan tower. Due to the great unpredictability of the wind speed characteristics of the wind farm, it is difficult to consider all extreme typhoons in the design.
Therefore, monitoring the vibration and tilt of the fan tower is a necessary means to prevent the tilt and collapse of the fan tower and swaying imbalance, and it can also provide important measured experimental data for improving the design of the fan tower.      


The wind turbine foundation and tower safety monitoring system provides a complete system of vibration and tilt monitoring solutions for offshore wind farms and platforms, and onshore wind turbine tower.

Aiming at engineering problems such as foundation settlement and cracking of wind turbines, intelligent online monitoring solutions and systems are provided.

Aiming at practical problems such as wind turbine tower tilt, loose flange, vibration intensity and modal monitoring, it provides intelligent online monitoring solutions and systems.

Aiming at the problem of real-time monitoring and diagnosis of the health status of rotating parts of wind turbine main bearings, gear boxes, generators, etc., provide intelligent online monitoring solutions and systems.

Aiming at structural damage problems such as cracking and breaking of wind turbine blades, we provide intelligent monitoring solutions and systems.

Using hardware equipment (high-precision data acquisition instrument, vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement sensor, inclinometer, dynamic strain gauge, etc.) independently developed and produced as a carrier, combined with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration, Experts from many universities, such as Chengdu University of Technology, have formed a complete plan formulation and problem solving system. After years of accumulation, the company's online monitoring system has played an important role in major wind farms.



     Wind farm monitoring system application layout


Booster station monitoring application


Fan basic monitoring application


Tower monitoring application


Blade monitoring application


Unit structure monitoring application