To combat the epidemic, we should return to work scientifically and fulfill our social responsibilities

2020-09-16 09:33:30 76352


In order to strictly prevent and control the epidemic situation and ensure the safety of employees, Zhenchuang Electronics has responded positively to the national policy by issuing two notices successively, extending the Spring Festival holiday until February 17. Employees  from  outside must strictly enforce the rules of returning to Yanjiao for at least 14 days to return to work after isolation at home.

1. Responding to the call of the state when the epidemic came out of the blue

At the beginning of the Spring Festival in 2020, a new pneumonia outbreak hit Wuhan, Hubei province, and spread rapidly across the country. It broke the original festive and peaceful Atmosphere of the Spring Festival, brought great pressure to people's lives, and greatly hindered the production and operation of enterprises. 

To strictly control the outbreak, to ensure the safety of employees, the company actively respond to national policy, have issued a notice for two times, extend the lunar New Year holiday to February 17, out-of-town employees strict execution returns yanjiao can return home quarantine at least 14 days to return to work, and daily nailing clock in staff whether fever such as health, make due contribution to stop the spread.

2.The new stage: epidemic prevention, resumption of work, both hands must be hard

Under the careful deployment and scientific guidance of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and under the resolute and unified response of the people, the epidemic prevention and control work across the country has entered a new stage. The Joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council recently stressed that we should be prepared for the battle of "two lines" : one is to fight against the epidemic, protect people's lives and health, and prevent further spread of the epidemic; the other is to promote high-quality economic development and reduce the impact of the epidemic

A stressed by the State Council, thes prevention and control measures for the resumption of work and production are unsustainable, and it is difficult to achieve the goal of defeating the epidemic. It is ultimately the interests of the people that will suffer.

As the representative of small and medium-sized private enterprises, we have been committed to the national safety and health monitoring to contribute to the application of our technology and products to more wind power, hydraulic power generation system, as well as bridges, buildings in the earthquake protection, we feel the importance of their own responsibility, at the same time, the enterprise self-help is urgent. Under the basic premise of implementing the national and Sanhe strict policies and arrangements for epidemic prevention and control, the company takes flexible measures according to the actual needs of enterprise development and epidemic prevention and control, gradually carries out various work, and continues to provide safe, efficient, comprehensive and professional technology and services for national health monitoring.


3. Both online and offline to make full preparations for returning to work

First of all, before resuming work, strict, meticulous and comprehensive disinfection and sterilization was carried out on public Spaces, facilities and equipment with great risks, such as corridors and offices, so as to ensure that there was no blind spot in epidemic prevention and control.       

Secondly, all kinds of publicity posters of prevention and control knowledge should be posted on the front door of the company, actively cooperating with the epidemic prevention requirements of the region, and arranging full-time staff to strictly do the work of personnel entry and exit registration, temperature detection, information verification, etc., to ensure that there are no hidden dangers in the epidemic prevention work.



Thirdly, through WeChat group, nail office software and other online tools, actively push the epidemic prevention policy and prevention knowledge, and urge employees to check their body temperature on time and report their health status, so as to lay a solid foundation and make preparations for returning to work in the future. Fourth, in order to ensure the health and safety of employees after returning to work, the afternoon shift system is implemented to ensure that each person in the assembly room is at least 3 meters apart, one person is arranged in each shift in the testing room, the President, vice President and finance have their own office, and R&D and technical personnel should work online at home as far as possible.


4.Employees and customers all rest assured, flexible online office

Given the current epidemic prevention and control work is still in the urgent and critical period, as the effective way to cut off the spread of the virus, fully safeguard the health of our employees and family members, provide the necessary services to the customers at the same time, prepare the corresponding publicity materials, actively respond to a nation called on, flexible and various ways to conduct online office, demonstrates the strong cohesion and sense of responsibility.


Let all hands be together when the plague is upon us. We fought side by side to win the battle without smoke.