Bladeless technology for wind power

2020-09-10 13:43:38 en-admin 17

Key words: Fan;Wind power bladeless technology;Wind power

In the past, the electric fans we saw were often like this.


With the development of technology, electric fans have begun to be upgraded. Now, we can often see such electric fans on the market.


Compared with the traditional fan, the biggest feature of the bladeless electric fan is that it has no blades, which makes the fan look more fashionable and beautiful. At the same time, the wind it generates is more stable and realizes infinitely variable speed.

If electric fans can be bladeless, how can wind power not be realized?


In fact, wind power bladeless technology is already "on the road". Recently, the 2020 Zhejiang Science and Technology Achievement Bidding (Auction) will be held at China Jiliang University. The “performance test, simulation and optimization design of a new type of leafless cone wind tower” developed by China Jiliang University has become the focus. Professor Nie Deming and his team used special materials to make the wind column elastic, so that the energy of vibration can be converted into electrical energy through the generator, thereby realizing the bladeless wind power

Let's looking forward to seeeing it.


                                                                                                               Source from smart wind power public account.

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