Heavy starting! The world's largest power 12MW offshore semi-direct drive wind turbine is coming

2020-10-13 10:50:13 en-admin 24

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On October 12, the 12MW offshore semi-direct drive permanent magnet synchronous wind turbine independently developed by CRRC Yongji Electric Co., Ltd. was released.
Well-known professors and industry experts from Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other universities reviewed and witnessed the scene.
Chai Jianyun, professor of Tsinghua University and leader of the review team, fully affirmed the design of the motor on behalf of the experts of the review team, saying: The motor is currently the world's largest single-machine power semi-direct drive wind turbine, and it is hoped that the research and development unit will continue to lead the development of wind turbine technology 


In the past three years, CRRC Yongji Electric Co., Ltd. has successfully developed 7.6MW and 10MW offshore semi-direct-drive wind turbines, continues to explore cutting-edge technologies for offshore wind power "no man's land", and leads the technological development of the wind power industry. The world’s latest and largest offshore "Big Mac" released this time is planned to complete prototype manufacturing and launch into the market in the first half of 2021.


The wind turbine scheme design released this time adopts international advanced design concepts, and uses all-digital three-dimensional technology represented by lean research and development, multi-physics coupling simulation technology, modular and standardized design technology to ensure that the technical indicators of the motor are met Higher than technical requirements. The rated power of this model reaches 12MW. It is innovatively designed on the basis of the previous generation of 10MW models, and the power generation is increased by 20%.

Technical Parameters


In the future, CRRC Yongji Electric Motor Company will continue to aim at the development direction of the industry, study the overall design and key technologies of 12~15MW offshore floating wind turbines, further consolidate the technical and product advantages in the offshore wind power field, and help my country's offshore wind power industry Quality development.

Source from the North Star Wind Power Network
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