Great power! The first domestic 10MW wind turbine connected to the grid for power generation

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At 21:25 on July 12, the first domestic 10-megawatt offshore wind turbine was successfully connected to the grid for power generation at the second phase of the Xinghua Bay offshore wind farm in Fuqing, Fujian Province of Three Gorges Group. This is the largest offshore wind turbine in the Asia-Pacific region and the second largest in the world independently developed by my country, setting a new record for offshore wind power in my country.

★It indicates that my country has the capability of independent design, research and development, manufacturing, installation, debugging and operation of 10 MW large-capacity offshore wind turbines.

★It marks a historic leap in my country's wind power development capabilities and ranks first in the world. It is an important achievement in realizing the localization of major offshore equipment and building a major offshore wind power country.

As the world’s largest hydropower development and operation company and my country’s largest clean energy group, in 2015, Three Gorges Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Fujian Province. A key practice area for the development of offshore wind power on a continuous scale. “Three Gorges Group regards Fujian as a concentrated breakthrough area for the industrialization, large-scale and high-end of offshore wind power equipment manufacturing, organizes all parties to actively explore independent innovation and collaborative innovation models, promotes the overall industrial chain layout of offshore wind power equipment manufacturing, and strives to make offshore wind power Technology and its related industries have been cultivated as new growth points that will drive the transformation and upgrading of my country's clean energy." said Wang Lin, deputy secretary and general manager of the China Three Gorges Group.



In order to promote the landing of the offshore wind power industry, Three Gorges Group and the Fuzhou Municipal Government of Fujian Province have cooperated to build China's first offshore wind power international industrial park.

Over the past five years, governments and departments at all levels in Fujian Province have successively introduced preferential policies to encourage the development of the offshore wind power industry. The Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission has issued a document that clearly promotes the development of the offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry by coordinating the development and utilization of offshore wind power resources. The Fuzhou Municipal Government has also introduced specific measures to support the accelerated development of offshore wind power equipment industrial parks. Relevant departments have also provided vigorous support through talent introduction, technological transformation, investment rewards, market development, infrastructure facilities, and first set of policies, which has facilitated the cultivation and growth of the offshore wind power equipment industry in Fujian Province. At the same time, the Three Gorges Group has also given full play to its advantages in capital, technology, brand, and talents, continuously deepened cooperation with first-class wind turbine equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, accelerated the integrated development of the entire industrial chain of Fujian offshore wind power, and committed to building a world-class offshore wind farm and a first-class offshore wind farm. Offshore Wind Power Industrial Park. "The grid-connected power generation of 10 MW large-capacity generating units is an important manifestation of resource integration, benign interaction, and deepening cooperation between government, enterprise, enterprise, enterprise and school, etc., and it is an important embodiment of promoting the localization of major offshore equipment and building a major offshore wind power country. The important achievement is a crucial step to realize the creation from China to China," said the person in charge of Three Gorges New Energy.




The unit will be mass-produced after the second phase of the Xinghua Bay project passes the trial operation, and will gradually be promoted and applied in Fujian's million-kilowatt wind farms and larger offshore wind farms at home and abroad, helping the Three Gorges Group to develop 12 MW The joint research and development work of the above large-capacity offshore wind turbines has taken practical actions to participate in the national energy reform, develop advanced manufacturing, revitalize the real economy, and achieve green development, and make new efforts to improve China's offshore wind power R&D and innovation level and promote the high-quality development of new energy Greater contribution!

Source from Three Gorges New Energy
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