Total shout exit number:use 20MW fan; Lead floating wind power!

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A few days ago, the head of the oil and gas giant Total stated in a speech that the company plans to use 20MW wind turbines in floating offshore wind power projects in the future to reduce costs; at the same time, the company's goal is to "lead the world in floating offshore wind power."

Philippe Sauquet, Head of Total Gas, Renewable Energy and Power Department, said: "This year, we cooperated with SSE to develop the 1.1GW Seagreen in Scotland and entered the field of fixed-base offshore wind power. From the perspective of cost, floating offshore wind power is fixed Type-based offshore wind power is twice that of offshore wind power. However, floating wind turbines are usually located in the far sea and have better wind resources, and we must use the rich experience accumulated in the oil and gas industry to narrow the cost gap between the two technical forms."

"At present, the Seagreen project is planned according to the 10MW model of MHI Vestas. In order to reduce costs, we will use a larger model when planning the floating offshore wind power project, and we can even expect twice the capacity. Of course, This model has not been developed yet."


In this regard, the company’s CEO Patrick Pouyanné said: “Macquarie chose to work with us rather than companies in the power industry because oil and gas companies have natural advantages in the field of floating offshore wind power, both in technology and in the industrial chain. "

According to the CEO, at the end of this month, Total will also announce a "major transaction" related to floating offshore wind power.

Last week, Total raised its 2025 renewable energy development target from 25 GW to 35 GW to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

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