The safety monitoring system provided by our company for the 300MW offshore wind power demonstration project of Tangshan Leting Bodhi Island was officially put into use

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Keywords: offshore wind farm; safety monitoring;

1.Project backgound

The 300 MW Demonstration Project of Tangshan Laoting Bodhi Island Offshore Wind Farm is the first offshore wind power project under construction in northern China and the first offshore wind power project approved by Bohai Sea. There are not many project construction experiences in China that can be used for reference. The success of this is of great significance. Faced with many factors such as high construction difficulty, short construction window period, and high engineering quality requirements, offshore wind power companies have rationally planned, carefully organized, and arranged arrangements in advance to ensure the smooth start of the project.

2.Project intrduction

Tangshan Leting Puti Island Offshore Wind Farm 300MW Demonstration Project Offshore Wind Power Project uses our company’s G01NET dynamic monitoring system and supporting facilities to implement overall safety monitoring of the project. The equipment used includes G01NET-4C high-precision dynamic data acquisition instrument , G01NET-2B high-precision dynamic data acquisition instrument, QZ2013 force balance acceleration sensor, QYG01-1 inclinometer and G01NET software system with independent intellectual property rights.

3.Project significance

Our company not only provides vibration, tilt and other monitoring equipment and automated safety monitoring systems for the offshore wind farm project, but also guides and assists the construction party to install monitoring equipment and undertake the automation of the safety monitoring system. Install equipment on site, collect monitoring data in time, and analyze the data in real time.


The construction staff performed the instrument installation in an orderly manner at the site


Schematic diagram of field sensor installation


Installation diagram of field collector


Installation diagram of field collection box


Software display diagram