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A few days ago, a floating foundation that can install two wind turbines at the same time is about to enter the open water for testing.


This is not the first time that we have introduced this "tooth and dance claw" design. Nezzy² is a floating foundation designed by Aerodyn Engineering in Germany. It is equipped with 2 wind turbines and 6 anchor chains, which can automatically face the wind. The model to be tested this time is a 1:10 model, composed of a prefabricated concrete semi-submersible platform and two test prototypes, 18 meters high. Two fans form a "V" shape. In addition to installing two wind turbines, another major feature of this design is that the foundation has a particularly low center of gravity and is very stable under the effects of wind, waves and currents. 

图片关键词Starting in June this year, the 1:10 dual-fan model was tested in a small lake in Bremerhaven, Germany for another three months. This time, a 1:10 dual wind turbine model test will be conducted in the Baltic Sea.

And this design became famous earlier-as early as 2017, Nezzy² was named "2017 Best Innovative Design" by WindPower monthly magazine;


The head of EnBW described the potential of this design as "huge": "Nezzy2 will bring floating wind power to more countries and regions. EnBW has been planning to invest in floating wind power, and France is a very attractive market. We I have great confidence in Nezzy², which will bring a highly cost-effective choice to the global offshore wind power industry."

If the test in the Baltic Sea goes well, Aerodyn plans to conduct a full-scale prototype test in China in late 2021 or early 2022.


Source from the European Offshore Power Official Account

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