Our company successfully completed the installation of jacket safety monitoring instruments for the converter station of Three Gorges New Energy Jiangsu Rudong 800MW (H6, H10) offshore wind farm

2020-09-24 15:52:50 en-admin 27

Key words:Wind farm; sea booster station;

Since August 12, 2020, the Nantong office of our company has participated in the installation and commissioning of static instruments for the jackets of the common converter station of Rudong H6 and H10 wind farms.

Three Gorges New Energy Jiangsu Rudong 800MW (H6, H10) offshore wind farm, 50 nautical miles offshore, with a planned sea area of 66km2 and an installed capacity of 400MW. A 220kV sea booster station is built in each of the H6 and H10 project sites. After the generators are boosted and transformed, each wind turbine is connected to a 220kV sea booster station through a 35kV submarine cable, and boosted to 220kV through their respective sea booster station After that, two 220kV AC submarine cables are used to connect to the offshore converter station, and then the offshore converter DC cable is sent to the land converter station.

The staff of our company braved the scorching heat, in a limited time, overcoming difficulties, working overtime, and installing all the instruments on the jacket, which took 25 days and successfully completed the task.


Install the instrument