Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm Fan Tower Health Monitoring Project in Shanghai province

2020-09-18 14:11:42 654356

1.Project background

This wind farm is the first offshore wind farm in China, and the cap and fan tower are all designed and constructed independently by our country. The vibration and tilt monitoring of 10 typhoon tower and cap have been carried out successively. The seismic response and tilt data of fan tower and cap under more than 1000 typhoons have been recorded. These data have been used by the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tongji University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Chinese Academy of Water Sciences and other well-known units for the corresponding research projects.

2.Project introduction


Name of intrumentQuality

G01NET-3 high-precision dynamic data acquisition


QZ2013 force balance three-component accelerometer40
QYG01-I Inclinometer 60
G01NET Data Remote Receiving and Online Analysis Software


3. Project significance

1).Record the vibration and tilt dynamic response data of fan tower and cap under the action of typhoon and wave ;

2).Analyze the vibration response characteristics of fan tower and cap ;

3).Based on vibration and tilt response characteristics and typhoon and wave monitoring data, evaluate whether the existing design indexes of fan tower and cap meet the actual wind resistance and service life ;

4).Provide important basis for improving the design scheme of fan tower and cap ;

5).Provide important data for the study of offshore fan tower and cap construction.