Huaneng Dafeng Offshore Wind Farm Safety Monitoring Project in Jiangsu Province

2020-09-18 14:12:52 76622

1.Project background

This project is located in the sea area on the north side of Liangyuesha in Dafeng City. The wind farm (center) is about 43km away from the coastline in a straight line. The seabed topography changes gently (the maximum slope of the seabed beach surface is less than 1°), and the entire area is quadrilateral in shape. The planned sea area is It is about 90km2, about 9.7km wide from east to west, about 9.1km long from north to south, and the water depth of the site is about 8~14m (1985 National Elevation Standard).

2.Project introduction

A total of 68 wind turbines with a single capacity of 4.2MW are deployed in this project, with an installed capacity of 285.6MW. The sea pressure station is equipped with 12 three-way accelerometers and 6 two-way inclinometers, and each of the 68 wind turbines is equipped with one two-way accelerometer and 2 two-way inclinometers. (Click for more relevant product information) It can accurately record the dynamic response data of wind turbine towers and caps at different heights under the action of typhoons and waves.


3.Project significance

1). Record the vibration and tilt dynamic response data of the fan tower and the bearing platform at different heights under the action of typhoons and sea waves;
2). Analyze the vibration response characteristics of fan tower and bearing platform;
3). Based on the vibration and tilt response characteristics and typhoon and ocean wave monitoring data, assess whether the existing design indexes of the fan tower and the bearing platform meet the actual wind resistance and service life years;
4). Provide important basis for improving the design scheme of fan tower and bearing platform;
5). Provide important data for the research of offshore wind turbine tower and platform construction.