China Three Gorges New Energy Co., Ltd. Ring Water Wind Power Booster Station Strong Earthquake Monitoring Project Completed Successfully

2020-09-18 14:09:12 865377

1.Project background

This strong earthquake monitoring project mainly monitors the vibration conditions of the booster station during transportation, hoisting, and operation to ensure the stability and safe operation of the booster station structure. The booster station of Xiangshui Wind Farm is the first sea booster station in my country, and it is of great significance to monitor strong earthquakes.


2.Product introduction

The project mainly uses 4 sets of strong earthquake monitoring systems to monitor the entire booster station at 8 points. The 8-channel acquisition instrument is selected as the acquisition instrument. The data of every two points are collected on a acquisition instrument to ensure the The comprehensive three-dimensional monitoring of the station can obtain more real and accurate data. The 8 sensor collection points are respectively arranged at the upper and lower ends of the four main load-bearing columns of the booster station, that is, the eight top corner positions of the booster station, and the collector is placed in the equipment room on the first floor. The whole system is also equipped with a large-capacity battery to ensure that the instrument can work normally even when the power is off. This project mainly uses the G01NET-2C/D high-precision dynamic data acquisition instrument developed by our company, G01NET-4C high-precision dynamic data acquisition instrument, QZ2013 force balance acceleration sensor and other products. (Click for more related product information), use these products to better solve the problems encountered by the wind power station.


3.Project significance

◆ Record the vibration response characteristics of different locations of the booster station during transportation, lifting and operation;
◆ Based on vibration response characteristics and booster station structure data, evaluate the impact of vibration on the booster station structure;
◆ Establish a vibration warning mechanism for the booster station to avoid accidents