Beidou+5G fusion high-precision application of wind power can increase the benefit by more than 20%!

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5G is the new benchmark for future mobile communications. China has done a lot of work on 5G, and it is gradually entering into economic and social development and people's daily life. With the advent of 5G, higher requirements will be imposed on time and location. In the currently cognizable future, only satellite navigation systems can provide more precise location and time information. Therefore, 5G and Beidou satellite navigation system have natural fusion. With the advent of 5G, from the Internet to the Internet of Things era, we also particularly hope that the integration of Beidou and 5G, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies will definitely give birth to emerging industries and industries, and bring new economic growth points. In the future, only satellite navigation systems can provide more accurate position and time information. Therefore, 5G and Beidou satellite navigation system have natural fusion. With the advent of 5G, from the Internet to the Internet of Things era, we also particularly hope that the integration of Big dipper and 5G, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies will definitely give birth to emerging industries and industries, and bring new economic growth points.We can see many new changes, such as high-precision application to wind power generation, which can increase the efficiency by more than 20%. With the arrival of 5G, revolutionary changes can be made in areas such as unmanned driving, autonomous driving, and drones. Chinese domestic companies are working to integrate Beidou's high-precision applications and 5G, and make many innovative applications in autonomous driving and Internet vehicles. Of course, Internet cars are only one aspect, unmanned and intelligent must be the new changes brought by Beidou+5G.'


Ran Chengqi, Director of China Satellite Navigation System Management Office and Spokesperson of Beidou Satellite Navigation System

The director of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office and the spokesperson of the Beidou satellite navigation system Ran Chengqi attended the press conference on July 31 and passed General Secretary Xi Jinping’s announcement to the world that the Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system has officially opened, marking Beidou’s three-step process "The latest news of the successful completion of the development strategy and Beidou's march into a new era of global service. Mainly introduced from four aspects:

1. Project construction was completed half a year ahead of schedule, demonstrating China's speed

Conquer all difficulties and finish the job perfectly. Construction of beidou-3 began in November 2009. Over the past 10 years, the project has gone through five stages, including key technology research, experimental satellite project, minimal system, basic system and complete system. The global constellation deployment has been completed half a year ahead of schedule, and the whole system service has been launched. Great achievements have been made in the construction of the project. First, we should conquer key core technologies to achieve autonomy and control. More than 400 units and more than 300,000 scientific and technological personnel have gathered their wisdom to overcome more than 160 key and core technologies such as intersatellite links and high-precision atomic clocks, and made breakthroughs in the localized development of more than 500 kinds of components, so as to achieve 100% localization of the core components of Beidou-3 satellite. Second, we should give full play to the advantages of the national system and accomplish networking with high efficiency. We will strengthen centralized and unified leadership, strengthen the overall and overall research and development teams of the project, and make innovations in the research and development system based on the overall, technical, quality, and schedule standards. The development cycle of a single satellite will be shortened by a quarter, the assembly cycle of a carrier rocket will be shortened by a third, and the cycle of connecting satellites to the Internet will be shortened by three quarters. Construct and form the risk analysis and control guarantee chain, launch without hidden danger and go up without doubt. Since November 2017, China has launched 18 arrows and 30 stars in two and a half years, and built more than 40 earth stations, rapidly forming the integrated operation capability between earth and satellite. In particular, in the face of the impact of coVID-19 and the quality risks in the space sector since the beginning of the year, the project has paid close attention to the organization and implementation of tasks, quality review of products, and risk prevention and control of tasks, so as to achieve an overall victory in the battle against coVID-19 and the prevention and control of the epidemic.

2. The system has powerful functions and first-class performance, showing Chinese quality

The pursuit of excellence, world-class. The construction target is international standard, iterative upgrade, incremental project implementation, and the functional performance index reaches the world's first class. First, the system is powerful. Beidou III is equipped with two major functions, namely navigation, positioning and communication data transmission. It can provide seven types of services, namely positioning and navigation timing, global short message communication, regional short message communication, international search and rescue, satellite-based enhancement, ground-based enhancement and precise single-point positioning. It is a powerful global navigation satellite system. Second, advanced performance indicators. Global positioning accuracy is better than 10m, speed measurement accuracy is better than 0.2 m/s, timing accuracy is better than 20 nanoseconds, service availability is better than 99%, and performance in the Asia-Pacific region is better. Today, I specially bring an exhibition version to show you. This picture shows the situation when the Beidou Basic System was just completed in 2018. The shaded and dark parts in the picture are the areas that cannot be covered by the system. After the completion of the BEidou Global System, there is no shadow in the figure above in 2020, and global service availability is over 99%. The second is the sky map of the Beidou satellite over typical regions of the world. The red dots represent beidou satellites observed, and the number of our satellites has greatly increased. The navigation and positioning accuracy measured by us is 2-3 meters, which is better than the index accuracy published by us, so it should be said that Beidou is a particularly easy to use system.

3.The comprehensive benefits are remarkable and fruitful, and the Wisdom of China is embodied

First, the country is the most important tool, benefit the country and benefit the people. The BDS has provided comprehensive services for transportation, public security, disaster relief and disaster reduction, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, urban governance and other industries, and has been integrated into national core infrastructure construction such as power, finance and communications. The 28nm process chip has been in mass production, and the 22nm process chip will be in mass production soon. Most smart phones support Beidou functions, and mobile phones that support Beidou ground-based enhanced high-precision applications have been launched. Build a complete industrial chain integrating chip, module, board card, terminal and operation service. In the past decade, the total output value of China's satellite navigation and location services industry has been growing at an average annual rate of more than 20%, reaching 345 billion yuan in 2019 and expected to exceed 400 billion yuan in 2020. Beidou Zhang Gaotie construction operations in central trains transport, Beijing has been applied, civil aviation, etc, high precision based on beidou service in fighting the new outbreak and play a positive role in the flood, is accelerating into new infrastructure, and a new generation of communications, chain blocks, iot depth fusion, artificial intelligence and other new technology, which apply new pattern, new forms and new emerging economy.

Second, China's Beidou and the World's Beidou. Beidou is already one of the four global navigation satellite systems recognized by the United Nations. The compatibility and interoperability of satellite navigation systems with the United States, Russia and the European Union, as well as the cooperation between the systems, continue to deepen. China has entered a number of international organizations, including civil aviation, maritime affairs, search-and-rescue satellites, and mobile communications. A number of international standards supporting the BDS have been released. We successfully held the China-Arab States BDS Cooperation Forum and the China-Central Asia BDS Cooperation Forum, built the first overseas BDS Center in Tunisia, and won the bid for the Foundation Enhancement Network project in Algeria. At the ninth Ministerial Meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, China and Arab States agreed to continue in-depth cooperation. At present, BDS-related products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions, providing services to over 100 million users. Bds-based land mapping, precision agriculture, digital construction and smart ports have been successfully applied in ASEAN, South Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia and Africa.

4.Create a comprehensive positioning, navigation and timing system, and continue to create in China

Adhering to the "China's beidou, the world of the big dipper, first-class beidou" development concept, vigorously carry forward the "independent innovation, open integration, united, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of the new era of beidou, 2035 years ago will be more extensive, more integrated, more intelligence in the proceedings of the national integrated navigation and positioning timing system, intelligent, unmanned for the future development to provide the core support, and advance the system upgrade, then a new generation of communications integration, enhance the emerging technologies, such as developing quantum navigation, full source navigation, such as micro PNT new qualitative ability, Construction of space and time information service infrastructure covering the sky, the earth and the sea, unified standards, high precision, high intelligence, high security, high efficiency. Serve the whole world and benefit mankind!