The world's offshore wind power transmission has an annual growth of 37GW, China ranks second!

2020-09-16 10:35:42 en-admin 16

According to the latest research published by RenewableUK, in the past 12 months, the electricity transmission of offshore wind energy projects under construction or planned has increased by 37GW in the world.

RenewableUK's latest offshore wind power project intelligence report shows that last year, global electricity has achieved a 30% increase, from 122GW 12 months ago to 159GW now.

The United Kingdom ranks first in the world with 38.9GW of power transmission, accounting for a quarter of the global volume. my country has risen from fourth to second, reaching 19.3GW, an increase of 7.3GW in the past year, an increase of 60%. The United States ranked third, rising from 15.7 GW to 17.8 GW, an increase of 13%, while Germany fell from second to fourth because the total installed transmission power in the past 12 months was 16.5 GW, almost unchanged , And only increased by 6GW. Taiwan, China ranks fifth, and its project pipeline power transmission increased from 8.9GW to 11.4GW, an increase of 28%. The sixth-ranked Netherlands has risen from 6.5GW last year to 11.3GW, an increase of 74%. We have seen Ireland grow from 3.2GW last year to 8.2GW this year, climbing to seventh place, an increase of 156%. Poland ranked eighth with 6.2GW, Denmark ranked ninth with 4.7GW, and Vietnam ranked tenth with 3.6GW.

"These new data show that in the current economic crisis, offshore wind power is one of the main growth opportunities for the global economy. In the UK alone, we estimate that next year's renewable energy projects will receive more than 20 billion pounds of new investment. Our latest " Melanie Onn, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Renewable UK. The first six countries account for 65% of global electricity transmission, and their total transmission capacity is 104 GW. In terms of wind power capacity, the UK still has 9.7 GW Leading the world, Germany ranked second with 7.5 GW, China ranked third with 3.3 GW, Belgium ranked fourth with 1.8 GW, and Denmark ranked fifth with 1.7 GW.

The New Energy and Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Administration of my country stated that offshore wind power is the most important task. Offshore wind power is the forefront of the future development of the wind power industry and has a broad market prospect. At present, my country has a certain technological foundation, and offshore wind energy resources are also an important part of my country's national energy development strategy. According to STEPS forecast, China will surpass Britain in offshore wind power by 2025. After 2030, due to the parity of offshore wind power, it will increase steadily at an average annual rate of 6GW. In the 20 years from 2019 to 2040, the average annual investment in offshore wind power in China will reach US$9 billion.

According to SDS forecasts, by 2040, China's installed capacity will reach nearly 175GW, which is equivalent to the EU's offshore wind power. From 2019 to 2040, China's average annual investment will reach US$13 billion. Around 2030, the cost of offshore wind power will be comparable to that of coal power, which will be a key milestone in supporting China's continued long-term growth. see figure 1:


Figure1 12018-2040 China Offshore Wind Prospect map