The list of the top 15 global wind turbine manufacturers in 2019 is announced! (8 Chinese OEMs entered the list)

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Brussels, Belgium, May 27, 2020: The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) released the "Global Wind Power Market-Supply Side Report 2019" on its market information platform. This is the second consecutive year that GWEC has released the report. The report shows that in 2019, a total of 22,893 wind turbines from 33 manufacturers were installed globally, and the newly installed capacity exceeded 63 GW, creating a record high on the supply side of the wind power industry.

Vestas continues to retain the title of the largest wind turbine manufacturer. With its global strategic layout, Vestas has completed new installations in more than 40 countries in the past year, with a global market share of 18%. Siemens Gamesa doubled its offshore wind power installed capacity in 2019, and its global layout also made further breakthroughs, which made the company rank second. Goldwind ranks third in the world, down one place from the previous year, but thanks to the rush to install in the Chinese market and the expansion of overseas business, its annual installed capacity actually increased by 19%.

Among the top fifteen wind turbine manufacturers in 2019, nine companies have installed offshore wind turbines, and they contributed almost all of the global offshore wind power installed capacity (6.4 GW) in 2019. In addition, MHI Vestas, which only focuses on offshore wind power, is among the top 15 global wind turbine manufacturers for the first time, which also shows that offshore wind power is playing an increasingly important role in the development of the global wind power market.


GWEC CEO Ben Backwell said: “The integration of global wind turbine manufacturers is still continuing. We see that the number of complete machine manufacturers has dropped from 37 in 2018 to 33 in 2019. At the same time, the top six The global market share has increased from 70% in 2018 to 72% in 2019. Under the current competitive situation, companies that can provide overall solutions are more competitive than single-manufacturing companies because they can satisfy a wider market And customer needs."


He also said: “The wind energy industry is unique in terms of technological innovation. The rapid increase in wind turbine power in recent years is a good proof. The average power of new installed capacity globally in 2019 has exceeded 2.75 MW, while in Denmark and the UK, offshore installations are the In the main countries, the average power of newly installed units has exceeded 5 MW. Compared with ten years ago, the average power of a single unit has increased by 72%, which is mainly due to the technological progress of global wind power and the maturity of the industry." GWEC Strategy Director Zhao Feng said: "The global wind turbines delivered and installed in 2019 exceeded 63 GW, which created a new historical record for the wind power industry. We originally predicted that the global installed capacity would reach new heights in 2020, but the global epidemic has not only impacted the world. The supply chain has also affected the construction of wind farms in various countries. With the adjustment of this year's installed capacity forecast, companies in the industry have lowered their financial indicators and output expectations."

Zhao Feng added: "In 2019, global wind turbine manufacturing Among the top fifteen companies, there are eight Chinese companies, but the top two are still occupied by European companies (Vestas, Siemens Gamesa). Due to the global impact of the new crown epidemic on the supply chain, machine manufacturing, and engineering construction All have brought shocks, and the speed at which countries recover from the epidemic will inevitably have an impact on the ranking of manufacturers in 2020."

GE Renewable Energy and Envision Energy continue to maintain the fourth and fifth positions in the world. Due to the rush to install in the United States and China last year, the shipments and installed capacity of the two companies have increased. Mingyang Intelligent and Nordex Acciona also benefited from the rush to install in these two markets, and their rankings rose by one to sixth and seventh in the world. Enercon's global ranking dropped by two places last year to eighth, mainly due to the substantial reduction in Germany's new land-based installed capacity. Yunda’s newly installed capacity in China doubled last year and its ranking increased by four to ninth. This is also the first time the company has entered the top ten in the world. Among the top 15 manufacturers are China's Dongfang Wind Power, Shanghai Electric, Haizhuang Wind Power, United Power, and Germany's Senvion and the Danish-Japanese joint venture MHI Vestas (MHI Vestas).

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The supply-side data is based on the data of the complete machine manufacturer, which is the manufacturer’s shipments and installations; the demand-side data is the grid-connected capacity. In 2015, 63.788 GW of wind turbines were connected to the grid globally, which is the highest record in the history of the wind power industry. 


Top 15 global wind turbine manufacturers and market share in 2019

1. Vestas-18.0% 

2. Siemens Gamesa-15.7% 

3. Goldwind Technology-13.2%

4. GE Renewable Energy-11.6% 

5. Envision Energy-8.6% 

6.7% Mingyang Intelligent 7 Nordex Acciona – 4.9%

8. Enercon – 3.0% 

9. Yunda – 2.5% 

10. Dongfang Wind Power – 2.1% 

11. Shanghai Electric – 2.0% 

12. Haizhuang Wind Power – 1.8% 

13. Senvion-1.7% 

14. United Power-1.7%

 15. Mitsubishi Vestas (MHI Vestas)-1.6% 

16. Others-5.9%

Top 10 land-based installed capacity and market share of global wind turbine manufacturers in 2019

1. Vestas - 20.10%

 2. Goldwind Technology - 13.61% 

3. Siemens Gamesa - 12.97% 

4. GE Renewable Energy - 12.45% 

5. Vision Energy - 8.46% 

6. Mingyang Smart 

7. Nordex Acciona-5.47%

8. Enercon-3.34% 

9. Yunda Shares-2.82% 

10. Dongfang Wind Power-2.35%


Top 10 offshore wind turbine manufacturers and market share in 2019

1. Siemens Gamesa – 39.77%

2. MHI Vestas – 15.70% 

3. Shanghai Electric – 10.81% 

4. Vision Energy – 9.54% 

5. Mingyang Smart – Goldwind Technology – 9.37% 

6. Mingyang Smart-7.29%

7. GE Renewable Energy-4.28%

8. Haizhuang Wind Power-2.33%

9. Senvion-1.57% 

10. Xiangdian Wind Power-0.12%

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