First station + first show-China Shipbuilding Corporation wind power industry chain rides the wind and waves

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A few days ago, China Shipbuilding Corporation Haizhuang Wind Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Haizhuang") Huaneng Dalian Zhuanghe Offshore Project's first H171-5MW low-temperature offshore wind turbine was successfully hoisted. This hoisting uses the China Shipbuilding Offshore Engineering 101 offshore wind power installation platform, which was successfully completed after 82 hours. This is the first low-temperature offshore wind turbine of China COSCO in the region, and it is also the first show of China Shipbuilding Offshore Engineering 101 platform.


Adapt to local conditions
The Optimal Solution of Low Temperature and Low Wind Speed Offshore Wind Power

The H171-5MW unit hoisted this time is currently the only "official certification" of domestic offshore wind power-the star model that has set a world record. This model is not only excellent in performance, but also born out of the 5MW+ offshore wind power platform built by China Haizhuang for ten years. Among the few large-scale offshore wind turbines with independent intellectual property rights in China, it has the largest batch installation and batch operation time. The longest, reliability index has been tested extensively in practice. (Related reading: Do not change the original intention, do not ask the east and the west-China Haizhuang offshore wind power batch operation data is the first in the field)

In view of the environmental characteristics of the project location, China Haizhuang has made corresponding design and optimization in terms of material performance, control strategy, operating parameters, etc., and also fully considered and optimized the integrated design for special conditions such as ice load. Check to ensure that the project profitability is maximized on the basis of safety first.

Group operations

The whole industry chain of wind power is maturing This project uses the China Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering 101 wind power installation platform, which is developed and manufactured by China State Shipbuilding Corporation Offshore Engineering Company, and is an important part of the entire wind power industry chain built by China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

As the key wind power sector built by China Shipbuilding Corporation’s science and technology application industry, relying on the strongest and most complete independent R&D and production system in China, and the strong manufacturing capabilities of integrated mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and control equipment, it has now formed the development Core components such as gearbox, generator, main control, and supporting components such as inverter, yaw and pitch drive, hydraulic station, slip ring, brake, etc. Full supply chain production and manufacturing capabilities, through collaborative design, collaborative manufacturing, collaborative services and collaborative management, has achieved a wind power full industry chain cluster operation model led by China Haizhuang, which also means that China Haizhuang’s full life cycle management capabilities are increasing. mature Work together

The new installation platform won the first battle

Since this hoisting is the first show of a new installation platform, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the hoisting, the offshore wind power team of China Haizhuang attaches great importance to technical clarification with relevant personnel. Under the premise of numerous protective measures, the hoisting is predicted based on a large amount of experience. Work conditions, make a good plan, and carry out communication on construction difficulties many times during the period.

During the construction process, all units cooperated tacitly and completed the impeller assembly in only 16 hours, which was 4 hours earlier than the standard operation time. The entire hoisting process only took 82 hours, which was half of that of other debut projects in the same region. The success of the debut of the new platform not only reflects the strength of China Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering, but also confirms the maturity of China Offshore's 5MW+ offshore wind power platform, and demonstrates the foundation and advantages of China Shipbuilding Corporation’s entire industry chain. It proves the correctness of China Shipbuilding Corporation's strategy of relying on its offshore technology and industrial foundation to develop offshore wind power, which greatly enhances China Shipbuilding Corporation's confidence in riding the wind and waves in the field of offshore wind power.

The nearest place to the "guns", the nearest place to victory

In July, a counterattack against the epidemic in Dalian made the already tense situation even more severe. Faced with the dual problems of repeated epidemics and frequent typhoons, China Haizhuang took the opportunity of "fighting for a hundred days" to strengthen the collaborative combat model, grasping epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and safety production on the other, and by optimizing the entry route of project personnel Method, on the premise of ensuring the safety of personnel and property, minimize the adverse impact of the epidemic and typhoon on the project.

China Shipbuilding Dalian Zhuanghe II (300MW) offshore wind farm project plans to install 60 China Offshore 5.0MW wind turbines. The project is expected to have an annual on-grid power of about 770 million kilowatt-hours, which is comparable to coal-fired power generation at the same level. It can save 235,000 tons of standard coal and reduce 2,600 tons of pollutant emissions each year. It has good socioeconomic and environmental benefits. Source from Chinese sea clothes

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