National Energy Group's first fan anti-falling tower technology is put into practical application

2020-09-17 09:11:19 en-admin 22

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Recently, National Energy Group Guodian Power Beijing New Energy Co., Ltd. applied wind power overspeed protection technology to complete the transformation of two wind turbines, and successfully passed the review and acceptance. This transformation is the first time that the patent of "a wind turbine overspeed protection mechanism" is put into practical application, which can effectively prevent wind turbines from overspeeding and avoid wind turbine tower down accidents.


The picture shows the technician installing the overspeed protection device installed on the fan

In recent years, tower down accidents caused by overspeeding during the operation of wind turbines have become an important factor threatening the safe operation of wind turbines. Based on the patented technology of "a wind turbine overspeed protection mechanism", Guodian Power provides an anti-overspeed protection device specifically for wind turbine overspeed conditions. The device is installed in the wind turbine hub to continuously monitor the rotation speed of the hub. The wheel hub speed is measured with higher measurement accuracy and faster response speed. When the wind turbine control system cannot complete feathering and other emergency situations, the device can timely detect that the speed exceeds the set limit, and directly drive the pitch through the EFC feathering signal The system is feathered to ensure that the wind turbine is shut down and prevent tower down accidents .

After the transformation, the company invited the domestic authoritative certification organization China Classification Society Quality Certification Center to conduct a complete safety, reliability, and functional verification assessment of the wind turbine anti-overspeed transformation and successfully passed the review. For reducing wind turbine overspeed and tower collapse accidents, Ensure the safe operation of the unit and provide a new way out.


The picture shows the electronic cabinet protection device

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