The latest research results can avoid a major risk in the preliminary approval of wind power!

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In European and American countries, the development of wind power projects is often constrained by environmental issues, making it difficult. In addition to complying with local environmental protection laws and regulations, it is also necessary to deal with protests from non-governmental environmental organizations. Among many environmental problems, whether it affects birds is the most common problem, and we have introduced it many times.

Recently, a Norwegian research team released the latest result-painting a blade of a wind turbine black can greatly reduce the impact of birds on the blade. 

The Norwegian Smøla wind farm is located on the west coast of Norway’s Statkraft Island, with a total installed capacity of 152.4MW, 20 2MW wind turbines and 48 2.3MW wind turbines, and was completed in 2002.

There are many birds and activities on Statkraft Island. Since 2006, researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Nature Research have begun to collect data on bird deaths in the wind farm; in August 2013, the researchers selected 4 wind turbines, painted a blade of each wind turbine black, and continue to collect data until the end of 2016.

Data show that after the blades are painted black, the carcasses of birds near these wind turbines have decreased by 71.9%.
The research team said that due to the large fluctuations in the number of birds in different years, it is still necessary to continue to observe to support this conclusion.

Why do birds easily hit the fan blades? Why can bird strikes be reduced after a leaf is painted black?

There are about four reasons for this:

  • The eyes of birds are generally on both sides, so the front view (compared to humans) is small;

  • At vertical height, humans only need to pay attention to the vicinity of the ground, while birds in the air need to pay attention to a larger range (in vertical height);

  • Birds must always search for food and avoid natural enemies;

  • Birds see fast-moving white objects, and the visual effect is similar to that of shaking our hands quickly in front of our eyes, resulting in blurred images.

Therefore, birds often ignore the rotating blades of the wind turbine in front of them, and cause death due to impact.

Painting on the blades can effectively improve the bird’s recognition and visibility of the fan blades, while painting on only one blade can produce a "spot" effect during rapid movement and avoid the aforementioned "fuzzy effects". Thereby reducing the occurrence of collisions.

Scientists have also done research on the color of the leaves. In 2003, a team from the University of Maryland in the United States did a study to test the sensitivity of birds to seven different fan blade patterns, including stripes, staggered, all black, and color. The test results showed that birds are sensitive to all black patterns. 


Therefore, the use of this "contrasting color" on the blades of wind turbines in newly built onshore and offshore wind farms can reduce the death of birds from striking the blades of the wind turbines, thereby alleviating public opposition, speeding up the approval process, and erecting wind turbines in some areas that were originally considered unbuilt. Place for wind farm.

Source from European Offshore Wind Power Official Account

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