Li Ziqing Onshore Wind Farm Safety Monitoring Project in Yunnan Province

2020-09-18 14:25:34 655590

1.Project background

The most beautiful wind farm in Yunnan, Li Ziqing Wind Farm, is invested and constructed by China Hydropower Consulting Group and is located above the high mountain beams around Luxi County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The entire wind farm is developed in four phases: Phase I is Li Ziqing Wind Farm 33 For the typhoon, there are 27 Dongshan wind farms in the second phase, 21 Donghua wind farms in the third phase, and 33 Dapoting wind farms in the fourth phase. The total planned installed capacity is 114 15,000 MW units, with a total installed capacity of 168,000 kilowatts. However, after years of operation, some towers of this wind farm vibrated heavily but no health monitoring was carried out, which brought hidden dangers to safe operation.


2.Project introduction

Our company and China Electric Power Construction Group Kunming Survey Design and Research Institute carried out safety monitoring of the tower top vibration and displacement of the wind turbine tower and foundation.


The picture shows Dr. He Xianlong, the general manager of our company and an expert of the Institute of Engineering Mechanics of the China Earthquake Administration, and the experts of the Kunming Survey and Design Institute do technical exchanges on wind farm safety monitoring technology.

We installed a QZDC-F type multi-parameter output sensor (including two-way low-frequency vibration displacement, two-way dynamic tilt, two-way acceleration output) at the top of each monitored fan tower, and a QYG01-1 type dip meter at the top of the foundation. Then, used our G01NET-3D type intelligent data acquisition instrument and 4 G wireless transmission equipment to transmit the data to our cloud platform in real time. Finally, on-line monitoring and safety risk assessment were carried out by our G01NET-FDC wind farm tower and basic safety monitoring software. The on-line monitoring and evaluation of common key parameters and common diseases such as vibration fatigue, swing displacement, perpendicularity, uneven settlement of tower and tube are realized.


The picture shows that our company's technicians are doing on-site equipment debugging

3.Project significance 

This monitoring system at the same time real-time transmission of data to Kunming Institute of Survey and Design cloud platform, can achieve the simultaneous acquisition and analysis of multiple cloud platforms.