Putian Offshore wind Power Plant fan tower health monitoring project in Fujian Province

2020-09-18 14:16:27 566392

1.Project background

This wind farm is Putian's first offshore wind farm, and the platform and wind turbine tower are all independently designed and constructed by Shanghai Electric Group. The vibration and tilt monitoring of the 3 wind turbine towers and platform in the first phase has been carried out.


2.Project introduction

This project mainly used the QYG01 series of inclinometers developed by our company (click to learn more about the product introduction), and recorded the ground motion response and inclination data of the wind turbine tower and cap under the action of typhoons and waves, in order to grasp the practical application of the prototype The situation and the improvement and improvement of the design of the wind turbine tower and caps provide valuable measured data. These data provide an important basis for determining the tower wall thickness and other parameters for mass production of wind turbine towers, and also provide important experimental data for the research of corresponding scientific research projects.


3.Project significance

◆ Record the vibration and tilt dynamic response data of the fan tower and the bearing platform at different heights under the action of typhoon and sea waves;
◆ Based on the vibration and tilt response characteristics and typhoon and ocean wave monitoring data, assess whether the existing design indexes of the fan tower and bearing platform meet the actual wind resistance and service life years;
◆ Provide important data for the research of offshore wind turbine tower and platform construction.