National Day "does not close", first-line construction is busy

2020-12-29 10:21:17 en-admin 19

During the National Day, the whole country celebrates with lights on. However, the construction sites of the projects under construction in our company's wind power division are busy scenes. They gave up holiday breaks and stuck to the front line of construction, and worked hard to silently contribute to the early grid-connected power genaeration of wind farms and contribute to the wind power construction of the motherland. Make more contributions.

After the scorching heat, the on-site projects under construction ushered in the golden period of construction. In order to ensure that the cages and booster stations go to sea smoothly, the Nantong Rudong Project Department staff worked on multiple working faces at the same time and stepped up the construction.


 Figure1: H10 project 12# fan cage is being hoisted


Figure 2: Project manager Ouyang Changde led the installation of the key wind turbine monitoring equipment in the third phase of Yangjiang


Figure 3: Yangjiang Project Department personnel install monitoring equipment in the factory and offshore


Figure 4: Project engineer He Xianyun installs and debugs instruments on-site at Yangjiang Phase II Boost Station


Figure 5: Pile sinking at sea in Jiangsu Rudong H10 project

The project builders gave up the opportunity to rest and stayed on the front line of construction day and night. In order to ensure the construction progress, they worked overtime to ensure the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. They used their actions and sweat to pay their most sincere respect to the motherland.