China's major oil companies are transforming to play "sea breeze + hydrogen production"!

2020-09-28 16:29:04 en-admin 32

Key words:Hydrogen production, Shanghai Electric;Offshore power generation

According to media reports, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) has added the development of green hydrogen production from offshore wind power to its strategic plan, with the intention of accelerating energy transformation and upgrading through the development of green hydrogen production from offshore wind power. It is understood that CNOOC has begun to research and reserve key expertise in offshore wind power hydrogen production technology, and has established a closer relationship with offshore wind manufacturer Shanghai Electric.

As a key technology point for renewable energy to produce hydrogen at sea, the technology of hydrogen production by electrolysis at sea has attracted much attention. The improvement of its hydrogen production capacity by electrolysis will pave the way for the development of large-scale "sea hydrogen farms" in the future, and will also stimulate the transportation and transportation of hydrogen at sea. The development of storage technology. Therefore, CNOOC issued a tender announcement and will select a partner who can provide professional technical support in the fields of offshore electrolysis, offshore hydrogen storage and transportation. In addition, with its experience in offshore oil and gas operations and transportation, CNOOC has established a hydrogen energy transportation alliance with the European industrial gas group Linde.


Although hydrogen energy continues to heat up globally and many hydrogen energy projects have been launched in Europe, there has not yet been an official release of a green hydrogen energy strategy in China. However, some media revealed that individual cities are expected to soon announce measures to encourage the development of the green hydrogen production industry. In addition, China has announced several plans for hydrogen production from land-based renewable energy sources.

At present, CNOOC's latest strategy promises to use 3-5% of its annual capital expenditure for offshore wind power development in the future.

CNOOC has also established closer ties with power giant Shanghai Electric. It is understood that CNOOC’s renewable energy subsidiary has acquired 80% of its controlling stake in the 1GW Zhongpeng No. 1 offshore wind energy project in Shantou, Guangdong Province from Shanghai Electric. , To pay a consideration of RMB 20 million. Zhongpeng No. 1 is one of Shanghai Electric's 1GW development projects in Guangdong Province. It was originally planned to be connected to the grid for power transmission by the end of 2021.